RC8B3 FT Center Dogbone Set, front


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RC8B3 FT Center Dogbone Set, front

Upgrade the center drive line with new dogbone sets for the RC8B3 series buggies (front and rear) and RC8T3 series (front only)! Dogbones will increase the efficiency and life of your center drive line over universals because of the simplified drive system with only one drive pin instead of two (universal joint).

Note during installation that the shorter length 3x12mm pin goes into the center diff while the larger 3x14mm pin goes into the front or rear outdrive.

Each set contains one dogbone, one outdrive, and one M5x4mm set screw.

Fits: RC8B3, RC8B3e, RC8B3.1, RC8B3.1e, RC8B3.2, and RC8B3.2e.

#81466 front set will also fit the RC8T3, RC8T3e, RC8T3.1, RC8T3.1e, RC8T3.2, and RC8T3.2e. #81467 rear set will not fit due to chassis length.

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