9-Shot 12mm SC6.4 | Pro2 SC10 | Pro4 SC10 Wheel – Yellow


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JConcepts ups the ante in in the wheel department and provides a new style for 1/10th SCT off-road and dirt oval racers. The 9-Shot is 1:1 inspired to provide the ultimate performance to off-road racing vehicles around the world. The 9 spoke design, 2.2” x 3.0” mounting diameter, 12mm hex base design fits a huge assortment of vehicles competing in the market such as the Team Associated SC6 genre.

The 9-Shot features a deep 3D depth spoke with mock 5 lug bolt pattern to bring SCT trucks, SCT Late Model, A-Mod, and B-Mod vehicles to another level of scale inspiration on the racing scene. The JConcepts replacement wheels are available 2 pieces per package and available in white, black, and yellow color styles. The 9 shot wheels are the maximum size allowed under ROAR rules and make a statement with their large, open spoke appearance, slight concave dish shaped design and superior inner rib design.

The wheels incorporate an outer glue catch that resists excess glue from running down the wheel face during the gluing process. JConcepts wheels are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure trueness and durability.


  • 1:1 inspired 9-Shot styling and detail
  • 2 wheels included per package
  • Available in bright white, black, and fluorescent yellow colors
  • Vent holes
  • Advanced manufacturing process and durable material
  • Fits a huge assortment of SCT off-road vehicles

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