Bullet – 4.0" 1/8th Truck Wheel – Yellow


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Concepts introduces an industry standard wheel for the 1/8th truck racing category.    At the heart of the design is the 4.0” height bead which is has become standard for the 1/8th truck class.  Leaving no detail untouched, the flat bead configuration provides elements that combine light-weight with performance.  Utilizing a new tire mounting bead, the 4.0” design eliminates the need for excess rubber and insert material, dropping overall weight, while simplifying the mounting / gluing contact patch and location. Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow the Bullet 4.0” wheel is manufactured in a durable material which is able to withstand the heavy rigors of 1/8th truck racing.

​The Bullet wheels also incorporate a user friendly wheel face shaped to promote a smoother gluing, wiping and drying experience. The 4.0” wheels are also branded with the JC logo for brand identification and authenticity.



  • Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow color combinations
  • 4 wheels included per package
  • 4.0” industry standard bead
  • Durable material and design

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