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Fits – assortment of charger styles, cables, and pit accessories

Includes 4 removable inner dividers

Approximate Size…
Inside dimension: 15" x 10" x 3.5"
Overall dimension: 16" x 11" x 4.5"

Being well organized and being able to pack in a condensed manner is a trait of a successful rc driver. The new Finish Line charger bag by JConcepts helps clean up an otherwise difficult task in the pit bag. Starting with a semi-rigid liner, the woven technical looking fabric is sewn over to create the rectangle glamourous geometry. Inside, a soft fabric surrounds precious items in a compact setting with 4 individual dividers capable of holding in several components.

Inside, there is the ability to flip and rotate 4 separate dividers to create alternate spacing or coverings. The lid features 2 pockets on the inside and one outer pocket to drop in any goodies ranging from instruction manuals to additional charger cables and power cords. The Finish Line charger bag has a lot of functionality thanks to racers always experimenting and asking for more.

The bottom of the item has a canvas type material creating a little more durability during storage and slides in and out of other racing equipment with ease.

The bag is constructed with heavy-duty zipper closures and a top handle for easy handling and carrying ability. The item is topped off with embroidered JConcepts Finish Line logo for brand loyalty and authenticity. Get organized, stay in style with JConcepts.



  • Compact size, great for storing chargers pit accessories
  • Traditional front panel pockets for misc. items
  • Dual inner pockets for additional storage
  • Luxurious Woven fabric for high-end looks
  • Rugged extra tough bottom material, handle, and straps
  • Embroidered JConcepts logo
  • Heavy-duty stitching throughout
  • Composite, hard inner bottom, and sides

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