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The G.LOK pinion and spur gear locker is here! The ultimate hard case gear locker for the discerning racer.

Most gear caddies leave your pinions exposed to get dinged or dirty- the G.LOK encases your gears in a dust, debris and moisture resistant shell that protects the teeth from getting nicked.

The protective cover is securely held on via the threaded center post and once removed can be threaded back on into the parts tray mode.

Heavy duty all 6061 construction. The base is milled from a single piece of alloy so there are no pegs to assemble or come loose and you do NOT need to tighten the pinions to the posts since the case cover already holds them in place. Milled into the base also are 3mm threaded holes to store extra set screws.

Accepts up to 9 pinions with a max pinion diameter of 22.9mm and 1 to 2 spur gears (depending on spur thickness).

For use with 1/10 pinions with standard 3.2mm holes and spurs with 4mm (slipper spurs) or 9.5mm holes (non slipper spurs). Machined spacer is included for the 9.5mm i.d. spur gears.

We suggest picking up a gear case for each class of racing you do- as example 1 for stock gears and 1 for mod gears.

Attached HERE is a template in case you wish to design a custom 'skin' with your name and sponsors or add a bottom protector skin.

Polished and anodized in 5 factory colors!

Case dimensions- 90mm x 14.5mm

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