IFS2, Independent Front Suspension Kit


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Camburg Officially licensed L/T suspension system
Camburg has been an industry leader in performance off-road long travel (L/T) suspension solutions since 1997.Much like us here at Element RC, Camburg was created by purists with a passion and a goal. They learned the market, the trade, and the business. They put those tools together to create one of the most iconic brands in off-road history.

We here at Element RC are proud to be partnering with Camburg to offer the officially licensed Camburg Independent Front System conversion. This completely redesigned IFS2 conversion comes pre-assembled and is a direct bolt-on accessory for all Element RC Enduro chassis. Whether it's an RTR or Builder's kit, the IFS2 conversion is perfect when building a modern rig.

Main Features

Independent Front Suspension V2: The all-new IFS2 has been completely redesigned from the ground up. With zero bump steer, increased suspension travel, linear slider steering rack, improved ground clearance and approach angles on front arms and skid plates, the IFS2 is a huge improvement in both performance and scale looks.

Steering rack: The included linear steel slider steering rack gives the IFS2 suspension a precise, solid feel with zero bump steer.

Suspension: Symmetrical upper and lower arms along with flipped lower pivot ball mount allow for more travel and 45 deg. steering throw.

Ground clearance: The improved ground clearance and approach angles are huge improvements in performance and scale looks.

Due to ongoing R&D, photos may not match final vehicle.


#42340 IFS2, Independent Front Suspension Kit
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  • Symmetrical (left to right) upper and lower control arms
  • Flipped lower pivot ball mount for increased ground clearance
  • Traditional CMS steering servo mounting location
  • Servo winch mount location
  • Steel servo horn
  • Heavy duty steel suspension balls
  • Metal ring and pinion gears
  • Universal front drive axles
  • Larger input bearing/bushing cavity
  • 45 deg. steering throw
  • SE style fluid-filled shocks

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