JBRacing Premium Water Proof Servo 54kg/0.08sec


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It is always a the toughest question while choosing a servo: should I go for torque or speed!

JBRacing is now offering the ultimate solution! a both powerful and fast servo for many different tasks while racing RC cars.

Our servos are water proof and come with an aluminum servo horn

The JBR6810 is a standard size servo with extreme specs!


* 2S 8.4V High Voltage

* IP67 Magnetic Waterproof Function

* Heat Sink Aluminum Case

* Strengthened Stainless Steel Gears

* New Type High Quality 4-Pole Brushless Motor

* Super Reliable Four Ball Bearing

* Reinforce Pin Shaft and Structure

* Totally Green Material and Production

* Superior Servo Ideal For 1/10, 1/8 Scale Cars, Boats, Large Size Airplane/Jet, Off Road, Monster Truck, Truggy, Even Medical Equipment and Robot Parts Teaching.


Item name: JBR6810

Operating Voltage: 4.8-8.4V

Operating speed: 0.125sec/60° @ 4.8V

Operating speed: 0.105sec/60° @ 6.0V

Operating speed: 0.092sec/60° @ 7.4V

Operating speed: 0.082sec/60° @ 8.4V

Stall Torque: 36 kg-cm (500 oz-in) @ 4.8V

Stall Torque: 43 kg-cm (597 oz-in) @ 6.0V

Stall Torque: 48 kg-cm (667 oz-in) @ 7.4V

Stall Torque: 54 kg-cm (750 oz-in) @ 8.4V

Gear: Steel

Motor: 4-Poles Brushless Motor

Size: 40*20*38mm (1.57 x 0.78 x 1.49 in)

Weight: 85g

Connector Wire: TYU 300 mm / 22AWG

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