MIP 3.70mm Black Handle Turnbuckle Wrench


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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 3.70 mm Turnbuckle Wrench (Lunsford, JConcepts, Protek)


Tool Makeup:

  • Angled tool head to be ergonomically more friendly when using the tool vs a straight cut.
  • Tolerances within +/- .001"  (~ 0.03 mm)
  • Tiny MIP amber handle
  • Engraved sizing
  • Steel construction
  • Color coded size ring
  • Every tool assembled by hand
  • Manufactured and packaged 100% in the USA
  • Highly regarded as the #1 Tool in the RC industry
  • 20 plus years of tool production
  • Used by World Champions and hobbyists alike around the World

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