MIP Bypass1™ Hi-Flow™ Pistons, 6-Hole x 1.3mm, 1/8th Scale


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Since its inception, the Bypass1™ piston technology has been proven time and time again to be a winner. Racers like Adam Drake and Ryan Maifield have used our pistons at some of the largest racing events such as 1/8th scale IFMAR Worlds and Dirt Nitro Challenge and have personally seen for themselves the benefits of Bypass1™. What is that benefit? Wins of course!

Now we could have stopped there and said we were satisfied with that, but THIS IS MIP, WE DON'T STOP!

We listened to the racers, gathered all their feedback and went straight back to work on designing an even better Bypass1™ Piston, and today that new tech is finally here!

Introducing the MIP Bypass1™ Hi-Flow™ Pistons (6-Hole) for the most popular 1/8th scale line of vehicles.

Each kit comes with all the necessary hardware to be a direct fit for the following 1/8th scale vehicle brands:

– Mugen


– Associated

– Tekno

– Hot Bodies

– Kyosho


These new Hi-Flow™ pistons are similar to our current pistons with one notable difference; they have a decreased outer diameter. These new Hi-Flow™ pistons allow for more blow-by at slow shaft speeds which allow the vehicle to move more freely, allowing for even more control on the race track.

Your car will jump better, land better and recover through bumps much quicker. The results? Better car performance, decrease in lap times and most important, wins!

And if you have the current Bypass1™ Pistons, you can run those pistons with these pistons for even more customization! For example you can run our current Bypass1™ Pistons in your rear shocks and run the Hi-Flow™ in the front shocks or really however you want!

The Hi-Flow™ Package also comes with our MIP Color-Coded Valves™ that will allow you to tune your cars shocks to your liking, optimizing your cars performance even more! Each Valve when paired with our Hi-Flow™ pistons will control how quickly or slowly shock fluid passes through each piston affecting the cars overall rebound performance allowing you to tune the car to the track you are running giving you an even greater edge over the competition.

Valve Designation:
.003 Green Fast Rebound Valve
.005 Blue Medium Rebound Valve
.007 Clear Slow Rebound Valve
.010 Brown Neutral Valve (Optional P/N: 19005)
.004 Tan Gap Valve (Optional P/N: 19005)
The pros have spoken, and Bypass1™ has time and again spoken for itself…so the question is what are you waiting for? Order your set of Hi-Flow™ Bypass1™ Pistons today.

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