RC8B3 FT Universals, 92 mm


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RC8B3 FT Universals, 92 mm

Add a set of these new optional 92mm universals to your RC8B3 series buggy tuning box! These 92mm universals will replace the original RC8B3 90.5mm and 93.5mm universals and will work on the front and rear end of the RC8B3, RC8B3.1, and RC8B3.2 buggies when using a 15mm rear outdrive and 17mm front outdrive.

A universal joint has less mechanical bind than a CVA joint. This results in a softer suspension feel when compared to the stock 94mm CVAs. Universals will promote better handling in rough terrain and require minimal maintenance to keep performing at the highest level.

Includes two 92 mm universals per package.

Pro Tips: Try running universals on the front end for more steering, since the buggy will transfer more weight to the front end. For the most balanced setup on bumpy tracks, run the universals front and rear.

Fits: RC8B3, RC8B3e, RC8B3.1, RC8B3.1e, RC8B3.2, and RC8B3.2e.

Required for installation: Two #91565 8x16x5 flanged bearings (remove the kit 15x21x4 bearings from the inner location on the hub).

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