RC8B3 FT V2 Rear Hubs


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RC8B3 FT V2 Rear Hubs


New optional V2 rear hubs are a great tuning and performance upgrade for your buggy or truggy. The blue anodized aluminum hubs are CNC machined and utilize plastic inserts to achieve a perfect bearing fit. Molded axle height inserts allow three different positions for axle height (low, center, and high), and the included G10 hub links allow users to shift the upper and lower link pivot, allowing for fine tuning the rear roll center.

#81489 RC8B3 FT V2 Rear Hubs package contains: a symmetrical V2 rear hub (qty 2), center axle height inserts (4), offset axle height inserts (4), standard height G10 hub links (4), mid height G10 hub links (4), mounting hardware, and instructions.

Required with CVA (#81326):

  • Qty 2 15x21x4mm bearing (#91566)
  • Qty 2 8x16x5mm non-flanged bearing (#91564).

Required with Universal (#81469):

  • Qty 4 8x16x5mm non-flanged bearing (#91564).

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