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JConcepts introduces the servo mount bracket for the RC8B3 | RC8T3 vehicles. Constructed of billet aluminum and available in either blue or black colors, this unique part offers benefits over the stock mount configuration. The bracket supports the servo and links both sides together while providing a little cushion between the radio tray and servo case itself.  During hard breaking or steering adjustments, the bracket provides additional support during unwanted radio tray flex moments.

The servo mount bracket can be installed without any modifications or additional equipment in the RC8B3 | RC8T3 vehicles and immediately brings peace of mind to the detail oriented racer.  With a sleek wrap-around like design, silver edge chamfering and etched JConcepts.net logo the bracket adds consistency with aesthetic appeal. JConcepts is, World Proven Innovation and Design.



  • JConcepts original design and function
  • Machined aluminum, wrap-around concept
  • Silver edge chamfering with etched logo
  • Available in blue and black colors
  • Aesthetic jewelry

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