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Fits – Clod Buster
Requires – #2823 Behind Axle Steering Servo Mount Conversion

A deep passion for monster truck racing and performance brought JConcepts full circle with the design of the Regulator Stage 2 chassis conversion kit for the Clod Buster. The design team had several design goals including weight balance, low center of mass, the use of engineering materials and pinpoint adjustability to fully compliment one of the longest running vehicles in the RC industry. The Regulator focuses on allowing other existing RC components to work alongside of the design such as readily available body designs, shocks, wheels, tires and behind axle servo conversion kits.

The key to the Regulator is the positioning of the battery and electronics in a top access layout and placed deep into the chassis for a low center of gravity. The fiberglass chassis and bottom plates hold the retro straight rail frame physique and at the base of the chassis, the heavy-duty aluminum cradle supports the suspension and ladder bars. In addition, a brass weight is included for racing in a sanctioned competition where a weight limit is used to even the playing field even further. The brass weight is mounted at an incredibly low position and locks into the cradle which aligns perfectly with the low center of gravity concept.

The light-weight aluminum shock and body post mounts are precision machined and mounted on each corner with 3mm hardware and setup to accept a variety of shocks on the market. Aluminum horizonal chassis members are positioned front and rear and have been lightened in a vintage fashion consistent with a Stage 2 monster truck. The chassis brace tubes have been tricked out to show a hexagonal shape and tubular shape to luster out the chassis assembly.

Machined and adjustable Delrin body posts are included along with pin screws to attach to the aluminum shock and body mount part providing a height adjustment. The battery mounting system contains a fiberglass battery strap for a shorty style battery with bump stops on each end to hold the battery positioning on the radio tray. Finishing off the panels of the chassis, polycarbonate pieces are included and can be trimmed to slide into the pockets of the chassis to give scale looks. Trim and position the included decal sheet on the panel to detail out the sides of the Regulator to fit whichever theme suits the build.

The JConcepts conversion kit is packaged with pride and as always, each is backed with JConcepts customer support and racing heritage.

Notes from the team –
To complete the build, it is necessary to have a Clod Buster or complete axle assemblies and electronics to go along with the Regulator conversion kit. It is advised and required to use a servo on axle conversion kit or preferably, the JConcepts #2823 servo mount kit for behind the axle steering. It is also necessary to have standard Clod Buster shocks or 100mm in length oil filled shocks. To see assembly instructions, video or how-to tips and tricks, please visit JConcepts Inc. on YouTube.


Regulator on the track –

The chassis set and behind axle steering has been extremely successful in competition taking 1st place at the inaugural Monster & Mega Tour in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and again at the Trigger King 2020 Summer Series race #2. Originally prototyped for the 2019 International Monster Truck Hall of Fame event in Auburn, Indiana, Jason Ruona and Fred Reep tested prototype steering and chassis configurations during this event to great success.

JConcepts accolades in competition –
IFMAR World Champion • ROAR National Champion • European Champion • Reedy Race of Champions • Dirt Nitro Challenge Champion • Silver State Champion • Desert Classic Champion • JConcepts Indoor National Series • Monster Jam World Finals Champion



  • Precision machined aluminum
  • Quality fiberglass steering rack
  • Heavy-Duty aluminum cradle
  • Brass optional weight for sanctioned competition
  • Black anodized aluminum shock and body mounts
  • Machined and vintage lightened chassis members
  • Hybrid hex / tubular chassis braces with anodizing
  • Delrin adjustable body mounts
  • Fiberglass battery hold down assembly with bump stops
  • Lightweight / durable design
  • Aesthetic, race- ready jewelry

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