Scalloped 2.2" Carpet | Turf Rear Insert, 2pc.


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JConcepts adds an additional rear buggy open cell insert option to the line-up specifically for carpet and turf racing. The scalloped insert takes some technology from the latest in 1/10th and 1/8th off-road closed cell inserts and incorporates it in to the soft and pliable open cell material. The inserts have shown to produce better rolling speed with increased sidewall support while allowing the center section of the tire to hold up to large impacts and landings. The scalloped nature of the detail cuts allow a buckling effect which promotes forward drive while still allowing the tire to hold up to repeated use without premature wear characteristics.


  • Open cell material, scalloped inner cuts
  • Bright white material for easy identification
  • 2 pieces included per package

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