Stage Killah – SCX10 Pro Body


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Fits – Axial SCX10 Pro and competition crawlers

12.3" wheel base


Build, drive, tweak, and repeat. This is a common practice in the scale world of RC trucks when drivers are searching for the elusive perfect crawling machine. JConcepts has updated and recreated one of the classics in the line-up by re-introducing the Stage Killah body. The sharply tuned shell wraps the chassis of competition trucks like the Axial SCX10 Pro and other competition crawlers like a glove. The low-slung shell, with gentle shaping provides a front and rear tucked concept with cab and bed area for the truck minded competitor.

The Stage Killah has large format recessed windows front, side, and a small extra cab viewing area. The outer geometry of the body is lined with a flange to improve the durability of the flat panel areas of the item. The bed area of the body has smoothly rolled corners, small recess for included fan decals to drop in and a JC logo bossed on the center for authenticity. The front hood scoop is a small step offset of the pitched front-end to give definition to the design.

Crawling drivers will enjoy the narrow footprint of the Stage Killah. The ability to user tune, trim, and bend polycarbonate panels to further enhance characteristics which provide for clearance, are an added benefit. The grille area is unique, featuring 3 recessed sections replicating positioning for lights, and the included decal to cover the section provides a sinister look. The shell has numerous flat areas which can be used to mount in a variety of ways. The body arrives clear with window mask and decal sheet and is backed by JConcepts customer service and competition heritage.

Body measures: 15" long, 12.3" wb, 6" wide.  Front is 2.5" wide, rear is 3.5" wide.  (all measurements are approximate)


  • Stage Killah, crawler concept
  • High clearance front and rear-end
  • Low-profile roofline with small extra cab window
  • Narrow footprint, trimmable, bendable material
  • Flanged wheel wells and rocker panel for durability
  • Recessed windows front and sides
  • Sinister grille with Stage Killah decal sheet
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Includes window mask for quick and simple painting

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